2018 Speakers



JANUARY 15       JOHN SEXTON, Palm Beach, Florida, nationally recognized and former appraiser for PBS’ “Antiques Roadshow” presents on “How to Know What It’s Worth.”


FEBRUARY 19    PAUL QUIGLEY, History Professor, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia, presents on “The Confederacy’s European Problem”…Those Russians!


MARCH 19    Dr. JOHN M. COSKI, Historian, The American Civil War Museum, Richmond, Virginia, presents on “The Confederate Battle Flag.”


APRIL  16    GEORGE C. RABLE, Professor Emeritus, Department of History, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, presents on “God as General: Was There a Religious History of the American Civil War?” based on his book “God’s Almost Chosen People: A Rebellious History of the American Civil War.”


MAY    21   Dr. EDWARD HIGHTOWER, Professor, Clark Atlanta University, presents on “The Reconstruction Period.”


JUNE 18     BUDDY S. SULLIVAN, Historian and Author, Darien, Georgia, presents on “The Burning of Darien.”


JULY   16   Dr. WAYNE WEI-SIANG HSIEH, co-author with Williamson Murray, of “A Savage War: A Military History of the Civil War”, which James McPherson describes as “a military narrative that goes well beyond anything else in literature.


AUGUST  20   RON CODDINGTON, Arlington, Virginia, author of books on Civil War photography and publisher of Military Images magazine, presents on “Cardomania! How the Carte de Viste Became the Facebook of the 1860s.”


SEPTEMBER    17   BRIAN JORDAN, Professor of History, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas, and author of “Marching Home: Union Veterans and their Unending Civil War,” presents on “The Battle of South Mountain.”


OCTOBER   15    JAMES I. “BUD” ROBERTSON, Richmond, Virginia, Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Virginia Tech and author of numerous Civil War books presents on "Robert E. Lee and the Quest for Peace."  


NOVEMBER   19   PHILIP GERARD, Professor and Chairman, Department of Creative Writing, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, presents on “Sherman’s Last March.”


2017 Speakers


JANUARY 16 BOB YOUNG, retired journalist, historian and author, discusses the brutal murder of a

freedwoman in Taliaferro County during Reconstruction, which is the basis for his forthcoming book,

“Hand of the Wicked”.

FEBRUARY 20 LEN RIEDEL, executive director of the Blue and Gray Education Society presents on

Civil War Battlefield Tours. A retired Air Force officer, he is the architect of the BGES’ programming and

of considerable preservation accomplishments.

MARCH 20 ED BEARSS, an evening with the National Park Service Chief Historian Emeritus and

nationally recognized battlefield guide. Ed has been nominated for a Congressional Gold Medal in

recognition of his contributions to preservation of American Civil War history.

APRIL 17 VINCE DOOLEY board member of the Civil War Trust, presents on his new Civil War book

Leading From the Front”. Coach Dooley is former Head Football Coach and Athletic Director at the

University of Georgia and a former Marine.

MAY 15 CANDICE SHY HOOPER, author, presents on her book: “Lincoln’s General’s Wives:

Four Women Who Influenced the Civil War for Better and Worse.” A former press secretary to U. S. Rep.

Charlie Wilson (movie: Charlie Wilson’s War), she has appeared on CSPAN and has been reviewed in the

New York Times.

JUNE 19 GERALD PROKOPOWICZ, Chair of the History Department, East Carolina University in

Greenville, N. C. presents on his book, “Did Lincoln Own Slaves And Other Frequently Asked Questions

About Abraham Lincoln

JULY 17 MATTHEW BOROWICK, Associate Vice President for Alumni and Government

Relations at Seton Hall University and columnist for Civil War News, presents on the “Court Martial of

Fitz John Porter,” who after the Battle of Second Manassas was blamed for the Union defeat

AUGUST 21 BRIAN JORDAN, Assistant Professor of History at Sam Houston State University. Dr.

Jordan is the author of “Marching Home: Union Veterans and their Unending Civil War,” a narrative

history of the men who won the war but could not bear the peace. The book was a finalist for the 2016

Pulitzer Prize in History and won the George Washington Egleston Prize for best U. S. history dissertation

at Yale.

SEPTEMBER 18 JAMES I. “BUD” ROBERTSON, often seen on CSPAN, Dr. Robertson is Alumni

Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Virginia Tech and author of Stonewall Jackson: The Man, The

Soldier, The Legend”, the basis for the movie Gods and Generals. He is the recipient of every major

award given in the Civil War field, a lecturer of national acclaim and a collaborator with National

Geographic on Civil War publications.

OCTOBER 16 JACK DAVIS, professor of history at Virginia Tech and Director of Programs at that

school's Virginia Center for Civil War Studies, returns to present on "Love Amid the Ruins: The Romance

of Nannie Radford and General Gabriel Wharton, CSA." A master storyteller, Dr. Davis has authored or

edited more than 40 nationally acclaimed Civil War books.

NOVEMBER 20 ROBERT E. BONNER, Chair of the Department of History at Dartmouth College,

presents on a biographical study of Confederate Vice-President Alexander H. Stephens titled: “Master of

Lost Causes.”

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Past Speakers

2016 Speakers


JANUARY 18 RON CODDINGTON, assistant managing editor at The Chronicle of Higher Education and author of Faces of the Civil War

FEBRUARY 15 KYLE S. SINISI, professor of history at The Citadel and author of Price's Raid, the story of Sterling Price's Missouri invasion in 1864

MARCH 21 WILLIAM C. "JACK" DAVIS, professor of history at Virginia Tech and Director of Programs at that school's Virginia Center for Civil War Studies presents "The Confederate Kardashian: Loreta Janeta Velasquez, Rebel 'Soldier,' Media Celebrity, and Con Artist."

APRIL 18 W. TODD GROCE, president of the Georgia Historical Society

MAY 16 CHAREN FINK of Wilmington, NC, presenting "The Woman's Role During the War."

JUNE 20 KITTRELL RUSHING, professor of political science at University of Tennessee Chattanooga and editor of Reminiscences of an Old Georgia Lawyer and Journal of a Georgia Woman

JULY 18 EDWARD HIGHTOWER, professor of history at Clark Atlanta University presents on Georgia's penal system during Reconstruction

AUGUST 15 TOM ROBERTSON, historian and author, Resisting Sherman: A Confederate Surgeon's Journal and the Civil War in the Carolinas

SEPTEMBER 19 TERRY ALFORD, professor at Northern Virginia Community College and author of Fortune's Fool: The Life of John Wilkes Booth

OCTOBER 17 JAMES I. "BUD" ROBERTSON, Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Virginia Tech and author of Stonewall Jackson: The Man, The Soldier, The Legend

NOVEMBER 21 DR. TURKIYA L. LOWE, Chief, SER CR Research and Science Branch, National Park Service, presents on NPS's Reconstruction Era commemorations

Rev. February 3, 2016


JANUARY 19 TOM ELMORE author of "A Carnival of Destruction: Sherman's Invasion of South Carolina" presents on the Battle of Columbia.

FEBRUARY 16 REV. ROBERT FAIN, Rector Church of the Good Shepherd, on the Episcopal Church and the Civil War from union to separation to reunion.

MARCH 16 JOHN WHITE, interpretive ranger at Rivers Bridge State Park in South Carolina presents on the battle that took place in the park in February 1865.

APRIL 20 VINCE DOOLEY, board member of The Civil War Trust, presents on "The bulldog of Cobb's Legion."

MAY 18 FRED L. LEWIS, Jr., Abbeville, SC historian, presents on the Burt-Stark House, where President Davis held his final War Council meeting.

JUNE 15 PAULETTE SNOBY, RN, The Society of Civil War Surgeons, presents on "Doctoring the African Slave."

JULY 20 WILLIAM C. DAVIS professor of history at Virginia Tech and Director of Programs at that school's Virginia Center for Civil War Studies.

AUGUST 17 WENDY HAMAND VENET, author of "A Changing Wind" presents the story of Atlanta from pre-war to post-war.

SEPTEMBER 21 GOULD HAGLER, historian and author, presents on "Georgia's Monuments to the Women of the Confederacy".

OCTOBER 19 STEVE DAVIS, Presents on Medical and Surgical aspects of the Atlanta Campaign.

NOVEMBER 16 CHARLES SELLARS, Superintendent of Andersonville National Historic Site, presents on the prisoner of war experience.

2014 Speakers

January - Karen Stokes, The Immortal 600

February - Gordon Jones. The George Wray Collection at Atlanta Hisory Center.

March- The Conrad Wise Collection at The Morris Museum of Art.

April - Julie Morgan. Raising the CSS Georgia from the Savannah River

May- John L. Nau III chairman emeritus of the CW Trust and John Lighthizer President of the CW Trust.

June- Lt. Gov Glenn McConnell, the CSS Hunley

July- Jim Ogden NPS Historian, the Battle of Atlanta

August- Kim Poovey "Veils of the Civil War"

September- Gary Gallagher, August 1864.

October- Bill Kirby, "Reflections of a city at War"

November-Tad Brown President Watson-Brown Foundation

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